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Very interesting article on hybrids. If we had push this 10 years ago we would already be at the 35mph. Look forward to more entries with in site on what we each can do to do our part to conserve a little energy.


Hi Everyone,
I'm new to the blog.I saw an interesting
website the other day that claimed they had
a modification kit available now,that can turn any car/truck into a hybrid.The video
on the site says up to 100MPG has been achieved on several vehicles modified with this kit. Somehow they are able to 'crack'
the gasoline to get full efficiency.Anyway,
thought I'd pass this along for anyone else to check out. The website URL is:

Frank Massey

Bio Fuel Rules...........OK?

Robert Pirmann

I'm very interested in purchasing this Fuel Kit Hydro Star. My cell number is 602-909-9888

Chris (myfreegasonline.com) Waters

They want 35 mpg by 2020...that is 12 years away they need to speed this whole process up.

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