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Hugh E Webber

I agree that consumers should buy the most efficient car available. George Clooney did, with his new Commuter Cars Tango electric vehicle (EV.) 0-60 mph in 4 seconds!

Like the Chrysler TEVan, the now-crushed Ford Ranger EV and abandoned Th!nk City EV, the crushed GM EV1 and S10 EV, the late Honda EV Plus, the never-available-to-consumers Nissan Altra (lithium-battery) EV and the not-quite-all-crushed Toyota RAV4 EV, the small-maker Tango burns no petroleum and emits no pollution.
It's available now, and other EVs will follow in a few years.

Comparative "miles per gallon" ratings of all EVs run into the hundreds of mpg. See EVWorld.com for more examples of clean and truly efficient cars.

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