UCS is an independent nonprofit alliance of more than 100,000 concerned citizens and scientists. We augment rigorous scientific analysis with innovative thinking and committed citizen advocacy to build a cleaner, healthier environment and a safer world. Blog Posting Guidelines

The Union of Concerned Scientists’ is intended to help stimulate an informed debate and exchange of useful information about technological, policy, and consumer developments in the hybrid vehicle market. A member of UCS will post a new blog each week, and users may post their responses to the weekly blog in order to create an online dialogue. In order to make this blog as useful as possible to hybrid consumers, engineers, and enthusiasts, has the following guidelines for use:

1) This site will be monitored for content daily, and UCS reserves the right to remove any post and suspend posting privileges to anyone.

2) Topicality: Please make your blog posts relevant to the blog subject of the week. It can be an opinion, or a link to a pertinent online news story, but please stick to the subject of the blog or a direct response to another post. All links to other websites should be universally accessible. If you have a specific topic you would like to see a blog on, or a specific question, please e-mail us at [email protected] rather than posting directly on the blog. We will be doing numerous FAQ blogs and will take into account specific requests for subjects. Comments that have a good choice of being retained have these characteristics, as determined by the site administrator:

o Interesting, even if poorly-argued
o Amusing, intentionally or otherwise
o Factually significant
o Pertinent to the discussion
o Generally rounding things out
o Concurring or directly dissenting with previous posts

3) Citation: Misinformation and/or false information shall not be published or permitted in the blogosphere. If you are quoting any specific data, please back it up with a source that is universally available. If you are responding to a specific post, please say whom you are responding to, and what specific statement you are responding to. Unsubstantiated factual assertions and untraceable responses are subject to removal.

4) Politics: UCS is a 501(c)(3) non-partisan, non-political organization. While it is completely legal (and highly encouraged) for posters to critique current transportation policies by local, state, and federal government, and those who institute those policies, this site should not be used as a platform for electoral grandstanding and other political activities. Any direct reference to electoral politics or links to political websites will be removed.

5) Civility: Posts or comments should remain civil, however, if someone does disagree with your post in any way, shape or form, they should expect to be responded to in return in the form of a post or comment and should not complain that they are treated in the same way that they have treated you. Libeling anyone should be refrained from entirely and libelous postings will be removed.

6) Language: Bloggers shall do their best to adhere to good use of the English language, as to ensure a readable post by their readers. Expletives and personal epithets should be avoided whenever possible. In other words, feel free to vent your spleen, but keep it clean.

7) Photos: Unless your particular photo is specifically relevant to the subject, please refrain from posting them on Instead please send your photos and comments to [email protected] for insertion into our Who’s Got Hybrids? slideshow.

8) Advertising & Promotion: Hybridblog is a place for an open exchange of ideas on hybrid and clean vehicle issues, but we would prefer it if purveyors of hybrid vehicles or resources refrain from using hybridblog to “plug” their own materials or products. If you have a resource that you think would be of use to hybridblog readers, please let us know at [email protected] -- if we agree, we’ll blog about it. But any posts we deem to be overly self-promotional rather than informational will be removed.