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HD pickups are designed to do heavy work. Making the trucks lighter weight, with smaller engines, and "more efficient" gear ratios may make you feel good but will simply force owners to switch to even larger trucks to haul the same loads.


The US has NO oil addiction!!! Let's stop using emotionally laden metaphors as an excuse for thinking!!!

I grow tired of all the IDIOTS who insist we have a Problem because they feel a particular way about an issue.

The US consumes oil - so what!!!

The US economy is growing and the standard of living inthe US is improving every single day!!!

The oil trade enable other nations across the globe to develop their economies. This is a good.

What is the BAD? Dependence? No so.

Again, let's use reason versus emotionally laden metaphors as an excuse to feel and attack others.


We've done a considerable amount of work looking at the potential for improving fuel economy across the vehicle fleet. The following fact sheet addresses some of the concerns you raised about the effect of CAFE standards on working trucks.


Fact: Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards for light trucks can be increased while setting realistic targets for working trucks. It is not necessary for every truck sold to meet the CAFE standard. CAFE standards are based on the average fuel economy of a manufacturer’s entire fleet of trucks. So, while everyone will be better off with higher CAFE standards, some vehicles can be well below the standard, while others can be above the standard.

Fact: Fuel economy can be increased with the same or even better power, utility, and safety. The technology is available today to make all light trucks, including work trucks, significantly more efficient. Automakers are sitting on a large number of fuel-saving technologies that have the potential to increase the fuel economy of a full-size pickup from 20.3 mpg to 33.7 mpg over the next ten years, while maintaining the safety, performance, and utility on which buyers have come to rely.

Fact: Increasing fuel economy standards will significantly reduce the overall financial burden on consumers. Fuel-saving technologies can deliver cost-effective increases in fuel economy that will save consumers money. Increasing the fuel economy of a full-size pickup from 20.3 mpg to 33.7 mpg would save the owner more than $7,000 in fuel costs over the life of the vehicle at a gas price of $2.50 / gallon. The technology additions needed to achieve this would increase the purchase price of the new vehicle by only $2,200, which would be recovered through lower fuel costs in less than four years of driving.


Burning oil to fuel our cars and trucks is a major source of global warming pollution. Our cars and trucks release more CO2 from burning fossil fuels than most countries (all except China, Japan, Russia, and of course, the US) emit from all sources combined. If we want to get serious about tackling climate change, improving the fuel economy of our vehicles has got to be part of the solution.

As for the oil addiction issue, I'll leave the security concerns to the experts:


Allan Yeomans

ENDING GLOBAL WARMING NOW Automakers make more money out of big cars than smaller cars. They don't care what they run on as long as they sell. So the perfect automobile for our immediate future becomes the flex fuel hybrid. The pushbike supporters will lament a powerful, first at the lights petroleum powered hybrid. But the flex fuel modification will immediately follow. A high-powered, eco-friendly, flex fuel vehicle is what the up-market, savvy will soon demand.

Switching to biodiesel, ethanol and flex fueled cars will be our savior for stopping more Katrinas in the US, more crazy flooding in the EU and more droughts in Australia and Central Africa. Download and read my book Priority One from our web site. The information is all there,tell your friends. There is no charge. www.yeomansplow.com.au

Then let's bite the bullet and tax a barrel of oil to never let it ever go BELOW $65 a barrel. Then, and only then can bio-fuel growers and producers safely and rapidly expand and beat the oil rich at their own game. The Saudis have already threatened the West that if bio-fuels producers become a threat to them they will slash their oil prices for a sufficient period to send the bio-fuel growers broke. That's why a minimum price holding oil tax is essential. Let tropical South America grow the fuel for the US of A. That's where palm oil and sugar grow great and it solves a lot of other problems.

Dirk van de Broek

Okay, we’re not calling the Bush Administration idiots, but the “sound and fury” line sure applies here.

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Nathan - How To Prevent Global Warming Newsletter

I did some research on Pew and Gallop polls and it turns out the majority of Americans are in support of raising fuel economy standards.

I hope we can find a way to build an organized movement to push for serious increases in CAFE standards soon!


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