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VCM is the same concept as the old V8-6-4 scheme shipped in Cadillacs in 1981. It's also in recent Corvettes; it's good to see that the mechanical issues have been fixed.


For those in the know, and slightly off topic. How far are we away from a hybrid motorcycle?

An already impressive MPG rating can be kicked up to something truly impressive (200+ mpg)


Um, how about "as far away as the first manufacturer willing to take the plunge"?

I looked at the E-cycle, and wasn't impressed. It appears to have no transmission, and relies on the motor for low-speed torque and climbing hills. If you had a sustained period of operation in slow traffic or had to climb a long hill, it could easily go dead on you.

Other than that little design flaw, it's darned clever. I don't know how well it would sell against the 80-MPG Chinese mopeds that I've seen going for $995, though; the cost difference between 80 MPG and 180 MPG isn't much. Even at $5/gallon it would take you 135,000 miles or so to make up the $4500 cost difference.


I am writing an article about hybrids for my school paper, and possibly for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. I was wondering if I could talk to you about your opinion on hybrids, especially Ford. I hope to hear back from you.
Thank you,

Mike DeMontera

People just dont realize that hybrids suck because the technology is under development.

why we all dont just buy 1.2 Litre turbodiesel cars like i do! Now i get 70 to 90 mpg depending on road conditions. 72horsepower is enough to move from place to another, 5 passenger seats and so on 123 mph top speed.

hybrids cant do much better mpg than average 50 to 60. but small diesels can do easily on normal driving 60 to 85 mpg.

with diesel i use turnip rape oil, consumer it costs ~45cents per gallon (US), so 30 cent per gallon can be acceptable on big amounts. full power is always in use, diesels can burn turnip rape oil without modification!!!!!

EYES OPEN!!! this small VW diesel car cost me 4200$ the engine has promised average lifetime of 450000miles. turbo averages 150000miles. boost is around 2.0 atm. ands 70-90mpg under any conditions city or highway under 90mph.

motorcycle oil

A few years ago, it was difficult to find synthetic motor oils, and equally difficult to find someone who admitted

to using them. Nowadays, however, you can find synthetic motor oils on the shelves of Wal-Mart, and other retailers,

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So why do people use synthetic motor oils rather than sticking with the old petroleum based stand-bys which are

admittedly cheaper?

1. Let's start with the cost per quart issue. Synthetic motor oils ARE more expensive at purchase. However, these

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