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I don't know if your trackback feature is defective or if I did something wrong, but I want to point out that I wrote about this post here:


Andy Pletcher

Hi...Andy here. Mom of the family that drove the Honda Civic Hybrid from LA to New York for the Great American Gas Challenge on the Today Show.
I just wanted to comment on why we only got around 39 mpg. We had the trunk loaded with all the stuff that we could jam into it. We also had the petal to the metal all the way.
I don't know if any of you have ever tried to drive a Honda Civic coast to coast in six days with two kids (ages 6 & 12), but it's not for the weak of heart.
The hybrid was very cool, and we went to test drive the natural gas Honda today. My husband really needs a new car, but we haven't made up our minds on what it will be yet.
Glad you were watching.

~Andy Pletcher

Dave H

If you can afford a Lincoln Navigator, then $300 should not be an issue.


E. Forchetto

Some staggering facts...
Largest container ships that can carry over 8000 20ft containers at up to 25 knots with a fuel consumption equivalent to 0.25 litres per 100 km, or 1000 Miles per UK gallon. These huge engines achieve a fuel conversion efficiency of 50% compared with automotive diesels at 25 to 30 %.

Renee Riley

Hi...Renee Riley here. The Lincoln Navigator was incredible to drive. Of course, they are not for the light-of-pocketbook. The gas in California, in our city, is around $3.20 per gallon right now. Back when we did the drive,last year, the gas prices were way lower. I would have to draw the line about buying a new SUV right now. Not only for the price of gas but because of the smog we encountered crossing the USA. The hybrid was an awesome little vehicle and everytime we saw the Pletchers, they were smiling.:)

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